Our Insulation Removal Bags and Insulation Vacuum Bags are the strongest on the market and can handle as much insulation or waste as you can stuff in them. They are guaranteed not to tear or your money back. They also function as an all-purpose waste removal bag and can be stapled around an attic opening and used as a waste chute. These Insulation Removal Bags and Insulation Vacuum Bags will not tear like the non-woven removal bags. If you have a Waste Removal Bag project, you won’t find a more cost effective and functional bag anywhere.
Bags for Insulation removal

No-Tear Guarantee

We are so confident in our insulation and waste removal bags that they come with a No-Tear Guarantee.  If you tear a removal bag, we will replace it at absolutely NO COST to you.  We are setting ourselves apart from

Bags for Insulation vacuum

Made in the USA

Our insulation and waste removal bags are made from the strongest material available.  They hold up to 105 cubic feet of material and 420 lbs.  They can hold more weight than this if you are strong enough to move them.

move and stack easily

Move and stack easily

Our insulation vacuum bags are easy to move and stack.  They can easily be rolled around by one person without the worry of the bag ripping or tearing.  Work smarter with our insulation removal bags.



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